Sector Report

Annual NGO Sector Report 2020/21


Below is the annual sector report 2018 – 2019

Final Annual NGO Sector Report

Below is the annual sector report 2019 – 2020


NPI Survey Reports

The NGOs board in collaboration with the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics is jointly conducting a national survey that will show how non-profit institutions contribute towards the economy of Kenya and the Big Four Agenda. This survey will provide key insights with respect to the GDP and is expected to be launched by March 2020.

PBO Transition Study

Not yet operationalized.

The resource center

The resource center is a physical and virtual facility that provides information and research resources to members of the NGO community locally and internationally. It also contain academic papers and proposal projects from scholars and research institutions to facilitate dissemination of information to both the academia, and institutions or individuals seeking knowledge and information about various topics of interest to them, their community and other related projects in general. It also stocks project report of both national and international NGOs documenting their success stories and impacts of their interventions.

The Resource centre is open to the general public for research and information sharing. To enjoy the services, individuals or institutions can seek to be members and register with the officer in-charge to be receiving regular updates about the sector and also access and borrow materials from the resource centre.

The available resource materials can be shared to members on an online platform as well as walk-in clients who seek to access the materials. Members can also borrow the books and materials for a specified period of time and returns them as per the set out guidelines.

Resource Center Downloads