Bank Payment Details

NGOs Co-ordination Board

Co-operative Bank, Co-op House Branch

Acc No: 01136030582102

Mpesa Payment Details

How to make mpesa payments

Step 1:  Go to mpesa lipa na Mpesa pay bill option

Step 2:  Enter business no. 400222

Step 4: Enter account no: as follows

  • For registered NGOs  – 93434#name of ngo
  • Non registered NGOs  – 93434#name of service required

Step 5:  Input required amount + kshs. 40 (convenience fee)

Step 6: Your Mpesa pin and choose ok

Step 7: Confirm all details are correct before sending

Step 8: Send

The sender will get two messages

  1. Normal confirmation from mpesa
  2. From co-op bank reading (as illustrated below)

“Dear (must be exact name of the sender) you have sent kshs…… to account 93434#forms. …………..  ”