ServicesCustomer RequirementsTimelinesFees (KES)
1.        Name searchDuly filled name reservation form.
Please download the form here >> (Form 2 download)
1 day1000
2.        Registration Cover letter requesting for registrationWithin 90 days from the date of payment processing fee.16,000 (National NGO)
Registration Duly filled Form 1 and Form (3 copies).Download the form 1 >>
Download the form 3 here >>Here
Registration Addendum to Form 3 duly filled (2 copies)However, for applications that take more than 90 days of the customer will be informed of the delay30,000 (International NGO)
Registration Two colored passport size photographs or each of the proposed officials.
Registration Copies of the ID or passports of each of the proposed officials.Note: Registration forms are available at KES 400
Registration Approved copy of Form 2.
Registration Three copies of the constitution signed by 3 top officials.
Registration Copy of minutes authorizing application signed by 3 top officials.
Registration Proposed one-year budget.
Please Download the Template
3.        Prototype ConstitutionDownload from the board’s website.
Prototype constitution >>download here
When requiredFree
Prototype Constitution Soft copy available on CDWhen required300
4.        Issuance of certificateAny outstanding issues(s) addressed.Download Terms and conditions >>Here30 minutesFree
5.        Acknowledgement LettersFile is in order2 daysFree