Full service charter can be downloaded Here

ServicesCustomer RequirementsTimelinesFees (KES)



1Name searchDully filled Name reservation (Form 2)1 day1,000
2Prototype ConstitutionDownload from Board’s WebsiteWhen requiredFree
3RegistrationCover letter requesting for registrationWithin 30 days from the date of payment of processing fee16,000 (National NGO)
Registration Copies of ID /Passport of and KRA PIN for each of the five (5) proposed Officials
Registration Duly filled Forms 1 and 3 and approved Form 2.However, for the application that takes more than 90 days the customer will be informed of the delay.30,000 (International)
Registration Two recent colour passport-size photographs on a white background (2X2 Inches) of the proposed three top Officials and two (2) other board Members with their names written at the back.
Registration A copy of Police Clearance Certificate for Kenyans and notarized Police Clearance Certificate for foreigners from their country of origin (not more than six months old)Note: Registration forms are available @400
Registration 2 copies of constitution signed by the three top Officials
Registration The constitution must be signed by both 3 Officials and (2) board Members on the execution page and at least one of the proposed three top to sign on all pages.
Registration Minutes authorizing application for registration (include election of interim officials in agenda) signed by all the top officials.
Registration Proposed one-year budget
4AcknowledgementFile is in order2 daysFree
5Issuance of CertificateAny outstanding issue s addressed30 MinFree



6.        Bank recommendation letterRequest letter (state bank, branch and signatories)1 day4,000
Bank recommendation letter Minutes authorizing account opening and signed by three top Officials.
Bank recommendation letter At least one Board member should be signatory
7.        Change of OfficialsDully filled Form 13 (outgoing and incoming officials)2 days to acknowledge4,000
Change of Officials Dully filled Form 3 by incoming Officials
Change of Officials Two passports-size photographs of incoming officials14 days to effect changes
Change of Officials Copies of ID/Passports of Incoming Officials
Change of Officials Minutes of meeting proposing changes
Change of Officials Proof of death if change is as a result of death.
8.        Change of AddressDully filled Form 42 days to acknowledgeFree
1 day to update change
9.        Amendments toApplication letter to the Executive Director seeking consent4,000
NGO’s constitutionMinutes of the meeting proposing changes (signed by the 5 top Officials)7 days
2 Copies of the new constitution with sections to be changed highlighted
Note: These should reach the Board within 14days from the day of meeting.
10.     Certification of Documents (Certified copy of Certificate /ConstitutionRequest Letter1 day3,000
11.     Change of NameApplication seeking consent, stating proposed change and reasons for the same, signed by 3 top officials 2 days to acknowledge, changes to be effected within 7 days12,500 (National NGO)
Change of Name Dully filled form 16
Change of NameMinutes of the meeting proposing change27,200 (International NGO)
Change of NameCopy of approved name search form
Change of NameCopy of newspaper advertisement on the same
Change of NameNote: Application should reach Board within 7 days from the day of Meeting.
12.     Replacement of lost CertificateApplication letter for the same signed by 3 top Officials2 days to acknowledge, changes to be effected within 7 days10,000
Replacement of lost CertificatePolice Abstract
Replacement of lost CertificateMinutes of meeting proposing replacement
Replacement of lost CertificateCopy of newspaper advertisement informing the general public of the same.
13.     DissolutionApplication letter signed by 3 top Officials2 days to acknowledge, approval to be granted within 21 days2,000
DissolutionCopy of Minutes authorizing the dissolution
DissolutionCopy of the newspaper advertisement on the intended action
DissolutionEvidence of receipt of employee terminal dues
Inventory of NGO assets and plan of their transfer.
Surrender original Certificate of Registration.
14.     Recommendation Letters to Donors or any other Person / organizationRequest letter stating reasons1 dayFree
15.     Recommendation for Duty & VAT ExemptionsRequest letter1 day2,000
16.     Expansion of operations to other countiesRequest letter stating reasons1 dayFree
Project progress report
17Recommendation for Work Permit Special PassRequest letterWithin 30 days16,000 Special Pass

Recommendation for Work Permit Special Pass
Endorsement Form20,000 Work permit

Recommendation for Work Permit Special Pass
Detailed CV & testimonials of Applicant employee

Recommendation for Work Permit Special Pass
Letter of Appointment /contract

Recommendation for Work Permit Special Pass
Proof of the advertisement
18File SearchRequest letter stating reasons1 day4,000
19Copy of DocumentsRequest letter stating reasons15 minutes1,000 per folio (less than 10 folios)
10,000 (If folio exceeds 10)
20Annual returnsCover letter15 minutes to receive2,000
Dully filled Form 14Acknowledgement letters 2 days
Audited accounts (for NGOs with receipts of more than KES. 1 Million per annum).
21Change of Financial YearNotification letter stating reasons1 dayFree
Minutes authorizing the same, signed a top Official.Approval and acknowledgement
22NGO Re-instatementApplication letter2 days to acknowledge25,000 (Penalty for no returns)
Minutes signed by 3 top officials at deregistration,14 days to effect change11,000 (For new certificate)
Submit outstanding returnsTotal 36,000
Surrender the old Certificate2,000 (for filling returns)